Golden Eagle Award 2017 SCBEA

Join us as Franchisee NOW!

Our 1st ever nationwide franchisee recruitment program just embarked! If you are ambitious to start your own franchise business as a professional, high integrity & responsible Business and Financing Advisor with affordable investment, we are here for you.

Our qualify franchisee will be able to assist Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises to survive, to sustain & even to grow their business, especially during this pandemic crisis by leveraging on "7 Blueprints to fight against pandemic" & "7 Strategies of Highly Effective Financing Planning".

You will be fully supported by our 13 years result proven online business portal, more than 50 electronics marketing tools, effective training program & on call synergy team.



我们将以历经 13 年验证的线上企业网络,超过 50 种电子营销工具,有效的顾问培训计划和随时待命的精诚团队为您提供全面性的支持。

You are invited to provide your details and you will be called for further discussion once we have received your information as per following:

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To increase current income by start own business 想创业并增加收入
To look for affordable investment with attractive return 正在寻找可负担且回报率佳的投资
Value add to existing profession 为现有的专业增加价值
To grab the post-pandemic emerging business opportunity 想抓住疫情后,需求暴增的商机
Interest to venture into advisory / consultancy industry 对顾问咨询行业感兴趣
Others reason, please state 其他,请详细说明
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